Billy’s Rent a Goat

Billy's Rent a Goat offers an ecological opportunity to utilise a biological control method to keep invasive plants at bay. Instead of using chemical and mechanical methods to remove plant overgrowth, use our friendly goats. Grazing goats help you control brushy and weedy species efficiently. Thus, all those briars, rushes, ivy, nettles sticking out and many other invasive species are a delicacy for our goats.

Not only they can clean your weeds and briars, but they can be warm and playful companions too. Kids will love their presence and their energy can stimulate your laughter.

We grow our goats under “The Principles of Organic Agriculture": The Principle of Health, The Principle of Ecology, The Principle of Fairness and The Principle of Care. These ethical principles serve to inspire the organic movement in its full diversity and to inspire action.

billys rent a goat clears your land of invasive species

Billy’s Rent a Goat is about bringing the community together
getting them to interact and to educate
people about their environment 

Happy Goats
Organic Lifestyle
Environmental Friendly

Billy's Rent a Goat Benefits

Goats will clear the land without polluting it, they will naturally fertilise as they work (weed seeds typically cannot survive the digestive system of goats). A herd of goats can clear an overgrown site without a negative impact on the environment. Not only they are good workers, but they are silent and fun. We love having them around us and help each other.