Billy’s Rent a Goat

Billy's Rent a Goat offers an ecological opportunity to utilise a biological control method to keep invasive plants at bay. Instead of using chemical and mechanical methods to remove plant overgrowth, use our friendly goats.

Goats are a superior choice in hard to reach or environmentally protected areas especially those with prevalent invasive or problem plant over growth. Goats will, over time restore the landscape to a healthy native ecological balance.

Your mission is to provide an ethical land management service with a variety of methods including goats, native species rehabilitation and educational social support.

billys rent a goat clears your land of invasive species

Billy’s Rent a Goat is about bringing the community together
getting them to interact and to educate
people about their environment 

Happy Goats
Organic Lifestyle
Environmental Friendly

Billy's Rent a Goat Benefits

Goats will clear the land without polluting it, they will naturally fertilise as they work (weed seeds typically cannot survive the digestive system of goats). A herd of goats can clear an overgrown site without a negative impact on the environment. Not only they are good workers, but they are silent and fun. We love having them around us and help each other.