Hi, my name is William Walsh and I am from West Cork. Growing up in the countryside and seeing its change over the years, I knew something had to give. Like the overuse of chemicals and the loss of wild habitat, this is why we need a way to a better life and a better environment.

Billy’s Rent a Goat is a broad spectrum, chemical and machinery free solution to dealing with invasive plants and overgrowth. We are using goats as they go where people can’t, they eat what most animals won’t eat and they leave behind nothing but fertiliser while digesting and sterilising over 99 % of seeds.

If you are looking for an efficient and green solution for dealing with your overgrowth or invasive plants, the goats are a great option. What we do Is targeted grazing – that means the native plants are protected from the goats, using solar powered goat fencing, while they feed on and clear the non-native and invasive plants.

Our workforce is mainly rescued male goats, giving them another chance and purpose.  I believe ‘everything has a purpose’.

The goats can work in rough terrain, along riverbanks and on steep slopes without causing damage to the environment. Machinery and Chemicals can’t replicate the same effect goats have on the land, It is nature intended way

Being chemical and machinery free, means that there are no nasty smells, or loud noise. The only thing you will hear while the goats are working is their ‘Maaahh’ – which is very therapeutic.

We at Billy’s Rent a Goat promote Biodiversity and community wellbeing by restoring the environment. One Goat at a time. Native plant restoration and invasive species eradication ‘just may be’ the solution to recover liveable spaces for native wildlife, keep our waterways healthy, help our soil ecology and increase biodiversity.