The dangers include build-up of persistent and cancerous toxins in the soil -'You are what you eat', contamination of surface and ground water, immunity and plant mutation (creating the 'Superweed') and harmful effects on desirable and native plants. Beyond this they do not always work, causing waste of time, energy, money and damage to the ecosystem.

The goat is a broad-spectrum solution for invasive / problem plants. They enhance the environment instead of harming it. Goats are a superior choice in hard to reach or environmentally protected areas and over time will restore plants to their healthy native state.

Goats are an ideal plant control and clearing solution for construction sites, homeowners, forest management, recreation areas and parks.

They remove problematic species and can control overgrowth in areas where chemicals, machinery or heavy machinery cannot be used; such as areas where endangered plants and animals may reside, for example bog land and woodlands. Goats can remove unwanted vegetation and increase biodiversity without using harmful chemicals or destructive petrol- or diesel-powered machinery.

Promoting biodiversity and community wellbeing by restoring the environment. One goat at a time. Taking back the land from Invasive Plants  and unwanted vegetation with a chemical free, low carbon and holistic approach. Bringing us back to a better life and a better environment.

A herd of goats can clear an overgrown site without a negative impact on the environment. This approach helps to lower the customers carbon footprint and gives back to nature. At the same time, the presence of the goats has a positive impact on the social and environmental wellbeing of the community.